Cybercraig: What You Need to Know About the Latest WhatsApp Hack.

Posts by: Carl Jack

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You should not open fishy links in emails and texts or download shady apps, period. Sometimes they seem innocent enough and we inadvertently click them without giving it a second thought.

How Does a Whatsapp Hack Work?

Whatsapp who offer an encrypted message service by default and has 1.5 billion users around the globe, found the hack in early May 2019 but only released a patch for it around the middle of the month. 

The company who are owned by Facebook, didn't give any details about how they discovered the vulnerability or give any specifics on how the hack works but they did confirm that they are doing infrastructure upgrades and pushing out a patch to ensure that users won't be targeting with other phone call malware.

The hack only targeted a small number of high-profile activists and political protesters so the majority of general public would not have been affected, however; it is advised that people still upgrade the app on Android and IOS devices to ensure the patch is delivered across all devices.