Cybercraig Asks...Free Antivirus. Is It Worth It?

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A free software seems like a no-brainer in most cases, but when it comes to Antivirus, it’s not always the case. Today, most of your activity is done online, which means you need an extensive protection from the huge number of viruses and malware that surround you there. Unfortunately, many free Antivirus software include only basic protections, which in most cases aren’t enough to keep you fully safe. If you’re wondering why you even need an Antivirus and what does it do, see our full article here.



  1. What You Need to Know

  2. Paid vs. Free

  3. Paid Software Advantages

  4. Which One Is the Right for You?

  5. PC Protection Solutions

  6. Mac Protection Solutions

  7. Piece of Advice


What You Need to Know

Getting a free Antivirus software sometimes comes at a price. As we mentioned before, in most cases the free products offer only a basic malware threat protection, while other online risk protections are excluded. Some free products offer their premium features for a limited amount of time and once the trial period is finished, they would bombard you with pop ups and ads.


Paid vs. Free

Paid Antivirus software usually include far more advanced security and protection features than the basic free versions. These features may include parental control, built-in VPN, browser protection, firewall, identity theft protection, anti-spam filter, and more. But of course, not every user needs all these features. To view the features and benefits of each elite Antivirus software and choose the right one for you, check out our Antivirus comparison list.


Paid Software Advantages

Three clear advantages of the paid Antivirus software are helpful technical and customer support, the lack of annoying ads on the software, and the constant updating database of malware and viruses. While free Antivirus versions may declare their database is always updated with the latest malware protection, it’s not always the case when you look under their hoods. When it comes to detecting new threats, paid products are more likely to spot those and warn you about other possible dangers. Additionally, paid Antivirus products are usually easier to install, and have less conflicts with other software and applications.


Which One Is the Right for You?

Still, whether you should choose a free Antivirus software or a paid one depends greatly on what type of user are you. If your use for the computer or mobile device is limited to basic use only and doesn’t include activities such as online shopping and booking, or using financial services’ sites, a free Antivirus product could be a good fit for you.

If you run a business of any size, choosing a paid Antivirus product would be a better alternative. The sensitive data and information you store on your systems could be hacked to, and an employee or a virus could bring down your computers. Thus, a proper paid security solution for your business would be required.

Paid Antivirus products could also come in handy if you’re a parent. Many of the paid products (and none of the free ones) offer a parental control module, which enables you to block access to adult content sites, such as gambling, pornography, and weapon sites. Additionally, it warns younger users from phishing attempts and entering a site that may expose them to breach of personal information.


PC Protection Solutions

Antivirus companies offer a vast variety of protection solutions for Windows users, starting with free and basic versions to complete security suits with many online protection features. Since 2004, Microsoft has been offering a free built-in to Windows Antivirus protection called Windows Defender. Microsoft declares it delivers a real-time protection against software threats like viruses, malware, and spyware. To review the top 5 Antivirus software of 2018 for your PC, check out this comparison list.


Mac Protection Solutions

macOS viruses are less common than Windows’ ones, although their number has significantly increased in the last years. There are several free and paid Antivirus products for Mac, which provide protection against malware, suspicious web activities and sites, scan email attachments, and more. We’ve compiled a top 5 list of the best Mac Antivirus software of 2018.


Piece of Advice

In conclusion, if you’re an average user or a parent who needs more than a basic malware protection, or you have a running business, choosing a paid Antivirus software would be a wise decision for you.

If you still prefer a free Antivirus product, note that before you choose to install it, you should make sure it includes all the features and options that are vital for you. Stay away from suspicious banners and ads that promise you free Antivirus programs. Those are often malware looking to infect your device. To stay on the safe side, you should stick to the leading Antivirus software that are mentioned on this comprehensive comparison list.