Bizarre Twitter Notifications – Here's What You Need to Know

Posts by: Carl Jack

bizaar twitter notifications emoji

On October 16th, 2018, thousands of users complained that they were receiving super weird Twitter notifications. The said notifications were displaying a random series of numbers and letters that ended with a colon and a number. Even Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, and other Twitter employees admitted getting these strange notifications.

As quick as the notifications were coming in so did people start freaking out and took to social media to share their confusion. Many raised theories about what these cryptic messages could mean. Users reported that if you would click on one of the notifications, it would lead you back to your phone’s notifications tab, practically a dead-end.

After a very short period, Twitter’s CEO tweeted and shared Twitter support team’s insights of what caused the problem. The support team reported that the notifications were due to a glitch that made behind-the-scenes code visible to users and that the problem had already been fixed.